Spencer Clawson’s Mother Defends Him #bb15

103449_d3023bLast night, TMZ managed to get Donna Clawson, Spencer’s mother on record defending his actions in the house claiming he was just “trying to fit in” and he is no racist.

Mrs Clawson is claiming that her son is not a “Hitler Lover” or “Racist” and basically it is everyone else’s fault in the house for his comments…..

Here is my problem with her statement.  Spencer is a fully grown man, who has a mind of his own and she is claiming that he is acting like a total ass because he wants to fit in.  Is he really that weak minded in a group setting that he has to completely change his views on Asian’s, African American’s, Homosexuals and women to fit in?

One point that his mother didn’t touch on is his obvious lack of morals when it comes to women!

Every mother thinks their child is perfect, I understand that she wants the world to know her son is “a good guy” but it’s hard to defend the comments of your child, especially when he is in his 30’s, and he likes to use the “C” word at every turn.

I commend Mrs Clawson for her attempt to calm the water on behalf of her son but I really don’t think Spencer was thinking of her or his family when he opens his mouth and says some of the most offensive and outrage comments ever made on this show.

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