Napoleon Cry-allnight #bb15

2013-07-12_2228_001We have had a lot of crying in the Big Brother House in the past 24 hours, people were crying because they were sad, because they were happy and crying because people had the nerve to lie to them…Its been a bunch of crying babies all over the damn place.

The racist finally had a small breakdown, it was all about herself (of course!!) and how sad she was, but we got to giggle when we saw her crying her heart out about being played in this game, it was FUN to witness!!!

2013-07-12_2211As we are all aware, Helen won the HOH, I jumped for JOY, but joy was quickly  replaced with sobbing on my part!! when Helen turned into a dictator with a Napoleon complex who cried at every friggin decision she had to make! She cried because she had to nominate somebody, she cried when Howard confessed to lying to her, she cried when it was time for dinner and she didn’t know what bloody shoes to wear.  She cried about everything!

2013-07-12_1829When Howard manned up to being that “hinky” vote Helen went ballistic, she was shouting at him thru sobs “HOWAAAAAAARD HOWAAAAAARD HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!! YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HEART HOWAAAAAAAARD” sniffle sniffle “YOU KNOW I COULD EVICT YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!! ”  (really I didn’t know an HOH could just evict somebody when they wanted??” Then she continued with “DON’T YOU KNOW THAT HOWARD? SEE THAT DOOR?? (quick point toward the door then right back to finger pointing in his face) DO YOU WANT TO GO THRU IT????” then my favorite line of this season ‘DON’T YOU EVVVVVVVVER LIE TO ME AGAIN, DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOWAAAAAARD!!!” she totally lost her shit….

2013-07-12_1948She then went around the house telling EVERYONE including her  her 3 nominees who she was going to nominate. Yes I know she can only nominate 2 people, but she thought she controlled who the MVP put up, so she crowned herself MVP basically….Nobody in the house was to tell anyone who was going on the block because……SHE WANTED THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE…..Umm but she told everyone???? She kinda blew her own surprise….

2013-07-13_0106Helen then confided in Elissa, that production had refused to allow her to put Howard on the block?!?!  so she had to put up Kaitlin with Aaryn….now I’m not sure if this is her cover story for when she got blasted by production for telling the nominees prior to nominations they were going up or if production really said that, but this is what she told Elissa.

2013-07-12_2215Well it them comes to Elissa, who really did win the MVP …shocker I know….to make her nomination, Amanda for some reason expected it to be Howard but she nominated Spencer…Now if production told Helen she wasn’t allowed to nominate Howard why would Elissa be allowed to nominate him??? Anyway….  Amanda then went apeshit on Elissa, because Amanda had kept Elissa safe and she didn’t do what she was told! ie nominate Howard……..hmmm Amanda really you alone kept her safe?  I believe she had 7 votes to keep her not just yours but OK…. Well Elissa got pissy with Mandy, telling her “You guys are always telling ME who to nominate without telling me the entire plan!!!” This didn’t go over well with Mands…So this pair are not speaking to each other right now.

2013-07-13_1242_001It’s been nothing short of a total clusterfuck inside this house… Helen has been scolding everyone, causing unnecessary drama and sobbing…..Jeremy is, I believe, the backdoor target, but don’t be shocked if Helen grabs the MVP card and demands that Elissa goes up as nominee, it would not surprise me at ALL! I really think Helen is demanding production use their indoor voices while at work and making sure they double flossed before talking with her….She is a friggin control freak and a bloody disaster as HOH! Oh she is also complaining that being HOH is sooooo hard….cry me a river

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  • Kelly Osburn

    Awesome blog, I couldnt have said it better. Elissa has every right to feel resentful about the way they are treating her and her mvp vote. She needs to let them know that HER decision as to who goes up is the most important one. If we wanted Amanda or Helen to make the decision, we would have voted for them. I swear, I just want to smack the people who keep undermining E’s wishes. Amanda and Helen are both acting like control freaks, and I dont like this side of Helen AT ALL.

  • princessglammy

    Thanks Kelly!!

  • rjcarter

    I’d be totally dismayed if production could prevent the HoH from nominating any houseguest, for any reason. That takes the heart right out of the game.

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