GinaMarie CHEATED as a HAVE NOT!! #bb15

This morning on camera 1 at 8.27 am, GinaMarie got out of bed, wandered to the Storage Room where she opened one of the top cabinets, she looked around then turned and opened the fridge.  She pulled out a bottle of what looks like a 2 liter bottle of diet sprite and drank it down.  She is a Have Not and this is a total violation of the rules.  CBS should penalize her in some way, her claiming she did it in her sleep doesn’t cut it!! Here are the pictures.


Gina Marie entering storage room 8.27am BBT


GinaMarie looking for something in the cabinet


GinaMarie drinking the soda, looks like diet sprite


Still drinking, I took 4 screen caps of her downing the bottle, it wasn’t a quick swig :-)

Wonder what production is going to do about this……Probably nothing, but at least we all know she cheated!

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  1. TexanTracie says:

    It’s not sprite she talked about it about 2:30am it’s seltzer water and they let her have it because she said she cannot drink water 😉 RIGHT!!??! Pppfffttt

  2. Chrissy says:

    It doesn’t look like sprite. I think it’s seltzer. I know amanda got some yesterday for her stomach.

  3. Lynda Perky says:

    Good catch. If it’s seltzer water maybe we will see it on the show. No less exciting than the segment on Yoga.

  4. Chris Webster says:

    They let her have soda water last night…

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