Dear Aaryn….. #bb15

Dear Aaryn

I sit here day after day, listening to your comments and wonder how such a beautiful girl on the outside can be so hateful and disgusting on the inside, something terrible must of happened to you as a small child, you harbor so much resentment and hate for people of color its quite confusing.  What happened Aaryn did the black kid get “Student of the week” in kindergarten? Did a group of black girls have the nerve to call you Barbie? Did a black chick steal your man? What ever it was I am sure it was tragic……

While inside the Big Brother house you refused to listen to Amanda, who really only had your best interests at heart, she tried so hard to get you to see the error of your ways, but you choose to ignore her and carry on saying the most hateful, disrespectful and hurtful things towards Candice, not to mention the slurs you made towards Helen, Howard and Andy.  You are a disgrace and I am repulsed by you.

We are in the 21st Century, it is unacceptable to pick on, hate or slander people based on the color of their skin or sexual orientation.  People that choose to talk negatively about people based on looks or who they fall in love with are called bigots. You are the definition of Bigot!   I cannot stress enough how you must change your attitude towards people that don’t look like you or fit into your little box of perfection.

During your episode in the bedroom last night, you flipped Candice and Howard’s bed trying to intimidate them.  You tried to act like a black girl, or a stereotype of what you think black is, while confronting Candice. It was laughable watching you try to upset her, she is a strong woman that has been thru so much more than the crap you try to throw at her.  You can’t beat Candice as she is a classy, educated, kind and loving person, something you should try to emulate not mock!

I worry about your welfare after the show, you have not only offended the viewers but Julie Chen, who will have to swallow her pride and interview you after the house kicks you out.  It takes a courageous person to stand up and stare racism in the face, especially when the racism is directed at them, Candice is doing this from inside the house and Julie will do this from the outside.

I makes me sick that you show no remorse or humility for your comments, comments that appear to get worse by the day. You will never be able to recover from the backlash if you don’t take personal responsibility for your words.

It is sad that you are supposed to be in college, I have no idea how you got into a good school, as you appear to be as dumb as a bag of rocks, however, you did and I can’t wait to hear about your campus life after the show, that is if the School allows you back on their premises.

Yes my dear it is that bad, nobody will employ you for a while, your college days are probably over, your current career goals are going to have to be altered as America will refuse to watch you do your “Wheel of Fortune” stint, people will stare and whisper when you walk into your local grocery store and you should probably stay off the internet for a while, trust me its for your own good.

You think you are doing nothing wrong, but your way past wrong!  I hope you learn from your mistakes, but I doubt it and I am sure that you will blame “the blacks” for misconstruing everything that you said.  Your problem here is its not just “the blacks” who see you for what you are but the whites, the Asians, the gays, the straights, the young, the old, in fact the entire country and beyond see you as the racist, hateful, ignorant little girl that you are.

Hugs to you and your family, have a great weekend!  Glams



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Princess Glammy
I am a huge Reality TV Fan who loves to blog about what I watch. Big Brother is one of my favorite shows, I been watching since season 1 and blogging about my summer addiction since 2010. I also adore Bravo TV and their Housewives franchise, so much that I do a weekly podcast for Your Reality Recaps.
  • Maria Barbarossa

    Thank you, you have so eloquently written all the feelings and emotions I myself wish I were able to put in words, without being offensive to anyone.
    Thank you.

  • princessglammy

    Thank you Maria, I really tried not to say anything rude while discussing somebody so rude and offensive :-)

  • princessglammy

    Read the comment above I put it in the wrong place lol

  • Debbie Dunn

    Thank you! You expressed yourself with great grace…dignity and class. You have spoken on behalf of so many who could not quite get out the right words…perfect 😉

  • princessglammy

    Thank you so much! It was really hard not to throw in some really nasty words to express myself…

  • dietcokehead

    I love this.

  • Willi Pear

    …”must HAVE happened…” not “…OF happened.” Just fyi as I thought you might want to sound smarter than a “bag of rocks.”

  • princessglammy

    Thanks for that, but I’m British and that’s how we speak…Talking from the heart and not faking it for the Yanks

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